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Biomass Atlas V2.0

Biomass Atlas V2.0 

Theme of the Project
To develop an electronic atlas, that provides an outlook of the biomass resources in the country with a special reference to their potential for power generation.

The main features include:
Option for user selectable territorial sector of interest, at any level from a taluka and above. Show the maps with standard data like boundaries, towns, roads and rivers in GIS layers with built-in intelligence for display management. Embed all the available and relevant information collected from survey groups hired by MNES, and processed data from satellite imageries from ISRO, to provide consistent and useful information in a spatial and tabular results at the selected zone of interest.

Biomass Atlas
Biomass Atlas is Graphical Atlas of all States in India with Demography and Landuse Details.It's combination of Atlas and Tables .
To know Biomass Report of Particular Taluk , Click within the border of the taluk to get the Report.. Click here to view the Atlas

Biomass Tables
This is basically out put of Biomass in the form of Tables .Select the repsective State , District and Taluk to get the Report in the form of Tables. Click here to view the Biomass Tables

Various Crop Images with Residue Details (PDF)

List of Crop names in Various Indian Languages (PDF)

About Project
National Biomass Resource Atlas A Project Of MNRE Executed by CGPL ,IISc Bangalore                                                       Number of Visitors