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Biomass Altas
Bio-Residue Map of India

By following the link

1) Go to Biomass Resource Atlas of India for Period beyond 1999

2) Go to Biomass Resource Atlas of India for the Year 1998-99

You will be navigating to view the Biomass Digital Atlas of India with a graphical query system to view regional biomass tables in a JAVA enabled environment.
Important Note: If your PC is not installed with JVM [Java Virtual Machine] you should update suitably. You can download JVM from here and Install it

You can also view the regional Biomass in Tabular form through a query by following the link , Regional Biomass Tables.

Solid Waste Map of Karnataka
Go To Solid Waste Map Of Karnataka

System Requirements (For Viewing Bio-Residue Map of India)
•Screen resolution 1024 x 768 desirable
•Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
•Java Virtual Machine
•JavaScript enabled [for Java version]
•Enable Cookies and set it to "Automatic"