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Biomass Resource Atlas of India- Help 

The main features of the Atlas:

·       Option for user selectable territorial sector of interest, at any level from a taluka [similar to county] and above.

·       Show the maps with demographic boundaries, towns, roads and rivers in GIS layers with built-in intelligence for display management.

·       Biomass data collected from survey sponsored by MNRE, processed data from satellite imageries from ISRO and from other recognized sources are embedded to provide consistent biomass information in the Atlas.

·     The Atlas can be queried at the client end to get either the required regional Spatial view and/or  tabulated biomass related data.


For further information refer-

Basic Selection Tools

Selection Tool:Provides selection features.
PanTool :provides pan (short click)
ZoomTool :Provides zoom +/- features.
HomeTool :Provides a tool that allows to return to initial position on map.
RefreshTool :This tool allows map to be refresh manually or automatically
InfoTool :Provides infobox / infosheet features.
CoordsTool :Provides a tool which is able to display mouse pointed coordinates. It uses a special Spatial Reference System configuration.
DistanceTool :This tool consists on distance representations between two points
Kharif Map:Loads the Kharif Map
Rabi Map:Loads the Rabi Map
Yearly Map:Loads the Yearly Maps
Help:Provides help for the Tool
ScaleChooser :This tool consists on a map scale representation.    


How to Navigate?

Click on the respective state to navigate, wait till the required state map is loaded.

How to Switch on Demography/Crop Views?

Click on the Demography/Crop tab in bottom of the Applet Page

How to Get Biomass Tables?

Click Select tool ( ) and Click on the respective Taluk  to get the Biomass report.
(Note: Make sure you are in Demography Tab.If Taluk boundaries are not visible then increase the zoom till they show up.)

How to Get Crop Tool tip?

Click Info Tool tip tool ( )  and  Click on the respective Polygons to get the Crop Tool Tip.
(Note: Make sure you are in Crop Tab.If Crop Tool Information is not properly displayed(For Eg:If all of them are showing zero)then zoomin
till there is visible clarity of crop areas in the map. )

How to Switch On/Off Layers ?

Click on eye selection to Switch On/Off layers.

Click here to see video demo of Atlas